Decade Rosary Stretch Bracelet – Muted Aubergine



Muted Aubergine size 7.5 in. – This is the first bracelet I made that is over size 6! The bead color is muted due to the translucent clay mixed in. I have to photograph this using  natural light to bring out the color. The softbox lights I have can’t do this. I can clearly see the purpleness of this bead right now! 🙂 The bead size is 11mm and the accents are fluted hourglass, hollowed round and curved tubular space beads and a mini golden bell.

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Decade Rosary Stretch Bracelet – Eggshell


EGGSHELL, off-white with specks and streaks of gold. click on the above picture to visit this listing on my shop,

this rosary’s inside diameter is 2.5″, bead size is 11mm and fits 6-inch wrist, perfect gift for girls and women.
made of polymer clay with assorted golden beads and accented with a mini golden bell 🙂

‘Believe’ Pocket Travel Decade Rosary Ring



this rosary ring has faceted beads with the word ‘BELIEVE’, tiled and embedded in two sides of the beads and gold rubbed.
the beads are hand rolled.  the inside diameter is 1.5 inches and each bead is approximately 13mm in size.
this rosaries is made of polymer clay, metallic buff and accented with a mini golden bell.
keep these in your pocket, purse, car or give as a gift.

‘Pray’ Pocket, Travel Decade Rosary Rings

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this rosary ring has faceted or smooth cacao-colored beads with specks of gold and PRAY letter tiles embedded in the beads.
all beads are hand rolled with an inside diameter of 1.5 inches and beads are approximately 13mm in size.
these rosaries are made of polymer clay, metallic buff and accented with a mini gold or brass bell.